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Hi there,

I'm Purna. I am a yogi and a yoga trainer. When I'm not practicing or standing in class, I'm a blogger, a businesswoman, a wife and a mother. https://Purna.vn)

I am a vegan for years. And Purna really feels my body changes positively and strongly every day. Because we are what we eat.

Purna has shared a lot of delicious recipes and vegetarian restaurants, as well as the heart-warming words for those who want to be vegetarians. With that insight as well as the "kitchen" experience accumulated after years of vegan eating, Purna decided to open a small corner of the kitchen to make healthy, nutritious homemade food to serving everyone.

I decided to open Lành Kitchen since 2019.

At Lành, products are purely made from plant origin, that are healthy and environmental-friendly. It is not necessary for you to be vegetarian to be welcomed at Lành kitchen. All of you - those who care about good eating habit, are served, warmly welcomed at Lành corner.

To ensure the best quality of food to customers, the process of making product only starts after receiving the order.

Stay healthy and beautiful with us!

Nut Pate - Vegan Pate

Nut Pate is made from fresh vegan healthy ingredients, no preservatives. Each step in the production process is manual and taken with great care. Food safety is ensured.

Best vegan pate I've ever had, and I don't even like pate. Goes just great with bread and some avocado. Their milk is flavorful and has a great silky texture to it. Can't really ask for more.
Han Huynh
Industrial Designer

Stay healthy and beautiful with us!

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